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Online Teaching

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Please do your own due diligence before applying.

Companies Hiring Teachers WITHOUT a Four-Year Degree


Salary Range: Set your own rate (avg $10-18+)

Education: No education requirements

Of Interest: Open to applicants of non-English speaking countries

Magic Ears

Salary Range: $18-26

Education: Must be enrolled at university

Of Interest: Secondary positions outside of teaching are available


Salary Range: $16-20 + Bonuses

Education: TESL Certificate

Of Interest: Can commit to teaching ten hours per week


Salary Range: $15-25

Education: BA req’d, BUT some applicants are successful with TESL and experience.

Of Interest: Enrolled at university is often OK


Salary Range: $15-21

Education: Some university

Of Interest: Open to applicants with one year of university remaining

Salary Range: $10 (45 min) / $13 (60 min)

Education: None / TESL preferred

Of Interest: Based in Russia, mostly teaching highly motivated adults

Salary Range: $15-21

Education: TESL and some university

Of Interest: Applicants currently enrolled at university are accepted



Salary Range: 900-1500 Yen / hour ($8-13.50)

Education: None

Of Interest: Based in Japan, teaching basic conversation skills over Skype


Salary Range: $10-11

Education: None, but 2 yrs experience required

Of Interest: Based in Germany, they offer classes 24/7, so you can really fill your schedule.


BiBo Global

Salary Range: $10-15

Education: None, but BA + exp preferred

Of Interest: Based in Japan, BiBo gives you a super flexible schedule you can set 7 days in advance.

Salary Range: Set your own rates!

Education: No BA, but TESL Certificate req’d

Of Interest: You set your own rates and schedule, and make your own lessons.


Salary Range: $0.17/minute

Education: None & no experience req’d

Of Interest: Free talking through the Cambly app with Ss all over the world. Flexible schedule

Query Floor

Salary Range: Set your own rates!

Education: No education requirements

Of Interest: You set your own rates, schedule, and choose the subjects you want to teach.




Salary Range: $18+

Education: Associates or BA in progress +TEFL

Of Interest: This is an entry level position. Higher rates are available for experienced teachers.

Yeko Online ESL

Salary Range: $10-15 starting rate

Education: TEFL preferred

Of Interest: 20-hr minimum commitment (12 must be weekend hrs). Open to non-native speakers.


Jixin China ESL

Salary Range: $18 + incentives

Education: TEFL required

Of Interest: 8-hr minimum commitment; Non-native speaker with neutral accent welcome!

Companies Requiring a Four-Year Degree to Apply

Salary Range: $14-22

Education: BA required 

Of Interest: #1 on Forbes list of Top 100 Companies for Remote Jobs


Whales English

Salary Range: $18-25 (50 min)

Education: BA + 1 year experience

Of Interest: Experienced teachers can earn up to $35/hr. Other opportunities for income exist.

Salary Range: $18-25

Education: BA required. TESL + exp preferred

Of Interest: Minimum of 12 hours per week teaching commitment


GoGo Kid

Salary Range: $14-25

Education: BA required

Of Interest: Your pay is subject to a credit score that is based on your performance.

51 Talk

Salary Range: $17-22

Education: BA required

Of Interest: Based in the Philippines, there are steep penalties for missed classes.

Pinata Education

Salary Range: $15-25

Education: BA + 1-2 years exp

Of Interest: 30-60 minute classes with young learners- individuals and small groups

Two Sigmas

Salary Range: Varies

Education: BA required

Of Interest: Two Sigmas works with partner schools to match you with a position, so pay varies.

CC Class

Salary Range: Unknown

Education: BA required

Of Interest: Based in the Philippines and a subsidiary of Huijang, the hire non-native speakers.

Salary Range: $8/30 min + bonuses

Education: BA required

Of Interest: Must be eligible to work in the US or Canada. 6+ hours/week req’d. Flexible schedule.


Salary Range: $10-13

Education: BA required

Of Interest: Classes available 24/7. Flexible scheduling policy


Salary Range: Case-by-Case Basis

Education: AA (phone class)/BA required (video class)

Of Interest: Must be US citizen. Teaching young Koreans over the phone and online. 

Salary Range: $16-22/hour (inclusive of bonuses)

Education: BA required

Of Interest: Classes are 30 minutes in length with 4-12 year old Chinese students.

First Future

Salary Range: $15-20 (inclusive of bonuses)

Education: BA required

Of Interest: This company hires native English speakers as well as Filipino teachers.

Salary Range: $18

Education: BA required, MA preferred

Of Interest: Teaching Chinese children in a 1:1 format. Minimum of 7 hrs/week required

Salary Range: $18-20

Education: BA required + teaching experience

Of Interest: Must submit daily student reports. Jobs for NES and Filipino applicants.


Transparent Language

Salary Range: $12-20

Education: Not specified. Strong teaching exp req’d.

Of Interest: Teaching opportunities available for over 30 different languages- not just English!

i Best Teacher

Salary Range: $14-26

Education: BA required 

Of Interest: This is a recruiter who works to match you with a school. TEFL training is offered.

Teach Away

Salary Range: Dependent on Experience

Education: BA required (TEFL & exp an asset)

Of Interest: Applicants must be from Canada or the United States.

Global VCC

Salary Range: $17+

Education: BA required 

Of Interest: 25 min classes with Korean students (1:1). North American accent req’d



Salary Range: $18-24

Education: BA req’d (preferably in Education)

Of Interest: Classes are 20-40 min in length. Minimum of 10 hrs/week

ESL Banks

Salary Range: $18-28 

Education: BA required 

Of Interest: This is a recruiter who works to match you with one of several different online schools.


Zebra English

Salary Range: $16-24

Education: BA required

Of Interest: Students learn grammar/vocab through app. In-class focus is on communication

1-on-1 English

Salary Range: $14-24

Education: BA required + 1-2 yrs exp

Of Interest: Ed-tech start-up in Southeast Asia teaching young learners from Vietnam.


ESL Starter

Salary Range: $20-25 + bonuses

Education: BA required + TEFL (can be in process)

Of Interest: Conversation-based. Must commit to 8 hrs/wk, including 4 hrs Fri, Sat, Sun (China time).

Salary Range: $14-15 

Education: BA required 

Of Interest: Teaching adults by phone in Korea. Requires extensive availability.


Salary Range: $18 + bonuses

Education: BA required (TEFL preferred)

Of Interest: 1-to-1 classes with young learners (age 4-6). Classes are 25 minutes.