A rapidly developing country in Eastern Europe.

Location: Eastern Europe 

Currency:  Albanian lek (1 USD = approx 110 Albanian lek)

Time Zone: GMT +2 (Albania observes daylight savings time. Your 6 pm BJT classes start at noon in the summer and 11 am in the winter.)

Population: 2.9 Million

​Internet Speed: Albania has some of the worst internet speeds in Europe, but according to Speed Test’s Global Rankings, the broadband averages 30 down and 14 up.

Visa: Albania is not in the Schengen Zone, so is not subject to the requirements that Americans leave every 90 days for a period of 90 days. According the US Department of State website, Americans are permitted to remain in Albania without a visa for up to one year. Those wishing to remain beyond a year must apply for a residence permit. After five years living as a temporary resident, you are eligible to apply for permanent residency.

​HealthcareLonely Planet gives a decent review of healthcare in Albania. However, it wasn’t too long ago that the World Bank declared Albania hd the most unequal healthcare system in Europe or Asia. Private medical or travel insurance is recommended. Check out World Nomads travel insurance

Cost of LivingCost of Living Reports indicates that Albania has a very reasonable cost of living and that rents are low- with apartments in the city center going for less than $500 and studios available for around $200 per month. Homeland Real Estate offers listings of property both for rent and for sale.

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