Explore the beauty of South America.

Location: South America 

Currency:  Argentine peso (1 USD = approx 59 Argentine pesos)

Time Zone: GMT -3 (Your 6 pm BJT classes start at 7 am in Argentina.)

Population: 44 Million

​Internet Speed: While Speed Test indicates decent broadband speed’s for fixed internet, other sources indicate that Argentina ranks among the worst in Latin America for internet connectivity and speed.

Visa: If you are American, you can stay in Argentina for 90 days without a visa. If you are retired, you can apply for a pensioner visa with a very small amount of income (30,000 Argentine pesos, or at the time of this writing, just over $500 USD). The visa is valid for one year and is renewable for up to three years. After which time, the applicant may apply for permanent residency.

The rentista visa may be the perfect option for digital nomads. It is actually the same class of visa as the retiree visa (a private income visa), but allows digital nomads with a stable earnings history to apply as economically self-sufficient applicants. Check with the Argentine Consulate for details.

​Healthcare: Public healthcare in Argentina is free- even for tourists. Lonely Planet gives a good review of healthcare in Argentina. Though it cautions that waits can be long in the public system. Obtaining private or travel insurance is a good idea. Check out World Nomads travel insurance

Cost of LivingCost of Living Reports makes Argentina out to be a very affordable destination. Numbeo provides some figures on the cost of living in Buenos Aires which indicate much higher rents in the capital city.

Check out South American Living for information on purchasing a home in Argentina.

The information provided in this article is provided purely as a matter of convenience and does not constitute legal or professional advice. Always seek the advice of a qualified immigration attorney before making the decision to relocate.