Bali, Indonesia

It’s paradise, it’s cheap, and the WiFi isn’t bad either. Why Bali is the perfect destination for digital English teaching nomads…

Bali has it all- beautiful weather, perfect beaches, access to modern conveniences, and all at a cost of living that makes paradise accessible for someone working as a digital nomad. With this in mind, we decided to make Bali the first featured destination. 

Check out our upcoming blog post on Living and Teaching in Bali, or check the info below for a quick run-down.

Legal mumbo jumbo- We are not legal or immigration experts. We advise that you always check with an immigration expert and/or local authorities before traveling to/working in another country.

Location: Southeast Asia 

Currency: Indonesian Rupiah ($1 = approx 14,000 IDR)

Time Zone: GMT +8 (This is the same time as Beijing standard time.)

Population: 4.2 Million

Internet Speed: Internet can be spotty if you are staying hotels or guesthouses. Indy Home offers great at home packages ranging from $25-85/month for fiber optic service. Speeds range from 10-50 Mbps download / 3-30 Mbps upload. Tethering your phone is also an option with local SIM cards providing speeds of approx 6 down / 2 up. 

Visa: A working visa called a KITAS is required to live and work legally in Indonesia. It can only be obtained with a local company to sponsor you. Other visa options include:

  • Free visa on arrival: Free entry to Indonesia which is valid for 30 days and non-renewable. Work is not permitted.
  • Visa on arrival: This visa costs $35USD at the port of entry and is good for 30 days. It can be renewed at a local immigration office for an additional 30 days for an additional charge of approximately $30. Work is not permitted.
  • Social Visa: This allows the visa holder to stay in Indonesia for a period of 6 months. It must be obtained at an Indonesian consulate or embassy prior to entering Indonesia, and requires a sponsor letter from an Indonesian citizen. If you do not have someone to sponsor you, many agencies provide this service for a fee. It is good for an initial period of 60 days and can be extended up to 4 times (30 days each) for a total of 180 days. The fee for each extension is approximately $30. Work is not permitted.
  • Business Visa: There are single entry business visas (good for 30 days) and multiple entry business visas (good for one year). The multiple entry business visa allows the visa holder to stay for up to one year, provided they leave Indonesia every 60 days. It is quite expensive and complex to obtain this visa (approximately $1,000) and still does not allow the visa holder to work. You are allowed to sign contracts, conduct trainings, attend workshops, and promote your business, but you are not permitted to earn money or employ anyone else. 
  • Investment Visa: Foreigners are allowed to start a company in Indonesia with a minimum capitalization of approximately 2.5 billion IDR (approx $180,000). This is to protect local businesses. The capital requirements put this out of reach for many digital nomads.

Cost of Living: $1,000 per month should cover you for a comfortable, yet somewhat humble lifestyle. Bali has it all! So, if you want to go clubbing and drink $10 cocktails, you better rethink your budget. Otherwise, a great life that includes eating out and living simply can be obtained on a budget of $1,000 per month (approx 14 million IDR).