Central American paradise with Caribbean vibes…

Location: Central America 

Currency: Belize dollar (1 USD = approx $2 Belize dollars)

Time Zone: GMT -6 (Portugal observes daylight savings time. Your 6 pm BJT classes start at 4 am.)

Population: 375,000

​Internet SpeedSpeed Test lists Belize’s fixed broadband speed as 44 down and 34 up, which is quite good. However, it to achieve decent speeds, it can be very expensive. The market in Belize dominated by a few players who keep prices high (approx $200 USD per month) for fast internet. Average internet packages often deliver sub-standard speeds.

Visa: If you are an American or EU citizen, you do not require a visa for stays up to 30 days. This initial 30-day visa can be renewed for up to six months. Belize offers a lot of great options for permanent residence. Retirees with a monthly pension of at least $1,000 can qualify for a visa. If you are not retired, but have passive income from other sources, you can still qualify (though the requirement increases to $2,000 per month). The Belize High Commission did a great article on this- including options for writer and investors who wish to make Belize their home. A business/visitor visa may be an option for entrepreneurs.

​​​Healthcare: Belize offers both public and private healthcare. According to International Living, the quality of these facilities is not of the same standard Americans would receive at home. With that in mind, it is a good idea to secure some type of evacuation insurance in the event that you need to leave the country for treatment. Check out World Nomads travel insurance

Cost of Living: Belize is not a wealthy country. Numbeo shows a relatively low cost of living when compared with the USA. Rents for a one bedroom apartment averaged less than $300 per month.

The information provided in this article is provided purely as a matter of convenience and does not constitute legal or professional advice. Always seek the advice of a qualified immigration attorney before making the decision to relocate.