Gateway to Angkor Wat

Location: Southeast Asia

Currency:  Cambodian riel (1 USD = approx 4060 Cambodian riel)

Time Zone: GMT +7 (Your 6 pm BJT classes start at 5 pm.)

Population: 16 Million

​Internet Speed:  According to Speed Test’s Global Rankings, Cambodia offers an abysmal internet ranking (117th in the world). However, with speeds (down and up) of around 20 Mbps, this certainly is enough for teaching. Other publications list slower speeds, even in the capital of Phnom Penh.

Visa:  Foreigners can apply for an EB visa, which allows them to start a business or work in Cambodia as a self-employed individual. The visa validity periods vary up to 12 months and can be renewed indefinitely. However, recent rules have made this type of visa more difficult for freelancers to get. You may still be able to get the visa by writing a letter stating that you are self-employed. If you are rejected as being self-employed, you may be required to form a Cambodian company to get the visa. While not as simple as being self-employed, this is not an expensive or difficult endeavor. It requires start-up capital of less than $1,000 USD.

​Healthcare: Cambodia currently does not have universal health coverage, but is aiming to achieve this goal by 2025. It is advisable for foreigners to take out private health insurance that includes evacuation insurance. Healthcare in Cambodia is not highly developed. World Nomads offers travel insurance. 

Cost of Living: The cost of living is incredibly low. Eating out and traveling is incredibly cheap. Rents can range anywhere from $200-500 in the capital and lower outside of Phnom Penh. Numbeo provides more detailed information on this.

The information provided in this article is provided purely as a matter of convenience and does not constitute legal or professional advice. Always seek the advice of a qualified immigration attorney before making the decision to relocate.