From cool mountain villages to happening hippie surf towns, Ecuador has it all…

Location: South America

Currency: US Dollar

Time Zone: GMT -5 (Your 6 pm BJT classes start at 5 am in Ecuador.)

Population: 17 Million

​Internet Speed: While Speed Test’s Global Rankings bring Ecuador in at 117th with average fixed broadband speeds of 19 down and 16 up, expats living there report more than adequate internet access in the larger cities. Contacts in Manta report prices of approximately $30 USD per month for broadband adequate for teaching. Jonathon from Ecuador Abroad reports speeds of 20 down and up for $40-50 per month with faster packages available for a higher price.

Visa:  Ecuador offers a temporary residence visa which allows holders to stay in the country for one year. It is renewable only one time. While on the temporary residence visa, you are not permitted to leave the country for more than 90 days. If you do, the visa will be canceled. After living in Ecuador for at least 21 months, you may apply for a permanent residence visa. As a permanent resident, you cannot leave the country for more than 180 days in a given year. After living as a permanent resident for three years, you can apply for Ecuadorian citizenship.

There are several pathways for gaining a temporary residence visa in Ecuador. Qualified digital nomads may focus on the professional and investment visa. The professional visa is for those who hold a college degree from an approved university. The Ecuadorian government compiles this list of approved universities. However, even if your university is not on the list, you may still apply provided you supply written transcripts from your university. Ecuador’s investment visa is easy and cheap. You can get your temporary visa by investing $39,400 in a CD with an Ecuadorian bank, or you can purchase a property for $39,400. 

​Healthcare: Ecuador offers free socialized healthcare for all residents and many affordable private insurance options. International Living has a great article on the healthcare in Ecuador, where they cite a study by Bloomberg which ranks it 20th among advanced economies- 26 places ahead of the USA. Check out World Nomads for travel insurance

Cost of Living: Ecuador is an incredibly affordable destination. Numbeo estimates rents at just under $400 USD per month in the city center and less than $300 outside the city center for a one-bedroom apartment. International Living estimates a very comfortable lifestyle for a couple living in the capital to be about $1,800 per month.

The information provided in this article is provided purely as a matter of convenience and does not constitute legal or professional advice. Always seek the advice of a qualified immigration attorney before making the decision to relocate.